Number 2

Metalurgija 44 (2) 81 – 160 (2005)

Original scientific papers
D. Rydz – The Influence of Asymmetry Factor and Deformation on the Criterion Optimizing the Relative Flow Rate of St3S+0H13J Bimetallic Strip (pp.91-95) PDF 294 KB
A. Kavałek, A. Milenin, H. Dyja – Analysis of the Effect of Die Shape on the State of Strain in the Process of Extrusion of Thin-Walled Aluminium Sections (pp.97-101) PDF 209 KB
B. Pučko, V. Gliha – Charpy Toughness of Vibrated Microstructures (pp.103-106) PDF 119 KB
T. Šarić, R. Lujić, G. Šimunović – Appllying of Artificial Neural Network in Maintenance Planning of Metallurgical Equipment (pp.107-112) PDF 133 KB
Preliminary notes
D. Ćurčija, I. Mamuzić – Mathematical Modelling of Metal Drawing Process (pp.113-117) PDF 154 KB
I. Uygur, I. Dogan – The Effect of TIG Welding on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Butt- Joined- Unalloyed Titanium (pp.119-123) PDF 172 KB
K. Gawdzińska – Investigation into the Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Metal Composite Materials with Carbon Reinforcement (pp.125-128) PDF 103 KB
W. Waszkielewicz, A. Malicka, Z. Skuza – Services, Supplies and Transport in the Concept of Outsourcing of a Metallurgical Enterprise (pp.129-131) PDF 64 KB
A. Topčić, Dž. Tufekčić, M. Jurković, N. Zaimović-Uzunović – Influence of Processes Parameters on Axial Breaking Force of Parts Produced by Selective Laser Sintering Process (pp.133-136) PDF 131 KB
Review papers
I. Vitez, D. Krumes, B. Vitez – UIC-Recommendations for the Use of Rail Steel Grades (pp.137-140) PDF 130 KB
M. Holtzer – Implementation of IPPC Directive in Foundries (pp.141-146) PDF 111 KB
Professional papers
G. Stradomski, D. Rydz, H. Dyja – Bimetal Plate St3S+Cu (pp.147-150) PDF 113 KB
H. Avdušinović, A. Gigović – The Morphology and Distribution of MnS in Low Carbon Steel (pp.151-154) PDF 409 KB
R. Prusak, W. Waszkielewicz, R. Budzik – Using of Competences Wallets Constructed for Work Stands in Humans Resource Management of Metallurgical Enterprise (pp.155-159) PDF 104 KB
I. Mamuzić – List of the Reviewers of Journal Metallurgy in 2003 y. (pp.160-160) PDF 20 KB
I. Mamuzić – 7th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society “Materials and Metallurgy” (pp.83-89) PDF 123 KB