Number 4

Metalurgija 48 (4) 213 – 284 (2009) 

Original scientific papers
K. Michalek, K. Gryc, J. Morávka – Physical modelling of bath homogenisation in argon stirred ladle (pp.215-218) PDF 1 MB
K. Michalek, J. Morávka, K. Gryc – Mathematical identification of homogenisation processes in argon stirred ladle (pp.219-222) PDF 260 KB
J. Vlček, V. Tomková, P. Babková, M. Vavro – Alkali-activated composites based on slags from iron and steel metallurgy (pp.223-227) PDF 425 KB
J. Bažan, K. Stránský, D. Horáková – Chemical composition and morphology of oxidic ceramics at filtration of steel deoxidised by aluminium (pp.229-233) PDF 1 MB
M. Pøíhoda, J. Molínek, R. Pyszko, M. Velička, M. Vaculík, J. Burda – Heat transfer during cooling of hot surfaces by water nozzles (pp.235-238) PDF 994 KB
R. Dudek, L’. Dobrovský, J. Dobrovská – Study of surface tension of inorganic melts based on their chemical composition and temperature (pp.239-242) PDF 244 KB
T. Elbel, J. Hampl – Influence of Al and Ti on microstructure and quality of compacted graphite iron castings (pp.243-247) PDF 666 KB
M. Greger, M. Černý, L. Kander, J. Kliber – Structure and properties of Titanium for dental implants (pp.249-252) PDF 12 MB
B. Strnadel, K. Matocha – Testing samples size effect on notch toughness of structural steels (pp.253-256) PDF 2 MB
J. Kliber, S. Aksenov, R. Fabík – Numerical study of deformation characteristics in plane strain compression test (PSCT) volume certified following microstructure (pp.257-261) PDF 5 MB
M. Greger, V. Vodárek, L. Kander, M. Černý – Working steel P2-04BCH by equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) (pp.263-266) PDF 2 MB
R. Kocich, J. Kliber, M. Herout – Finite elements method (FEM) simulation based prediction of deformation and temperature at rolling of tubes on a pilgrim mill (pp.267-271) PDF 2 MB
R. Fabík, T. Kubina, S. Aksenov, K. Drozd, I. Schindler, J. Kliber – Verification of new model for calculation of critical strain for the initialization of dynamic recrystallization using laboratory rolling (pp.273-276) PDF 3 MB
Preliminary note
M. Velička, R. Pyszko, M. Pøíhoda, J. Molínek – Research of heat transport in mould for continuous casting of steel (pp.277-280) PDF 211 KB
Review paper
D. Noskievičová – Statistical analysis of the blast furnace process output parameter using arima control chart with proposed methodology of control limits setting (pp.281-284) PDF 356 KB