Number 4

Metalurgija 49 (4) 289 – 360 (2010) 

Original scientific papers
S. Kut – A simple method to determine ductile fracture strain in a tensile test of plane specimen’s (pp.295-299) PDF 200 KB
S. Kastelic, J. Medved, P. Mrvar – Prediction of numerical distortion after welding with various welding sequences and clampings (pp.301-305) PDF 259 KB
J. Matusiak, A. Wycioelik – The influence of technological conditions on the emission of welding fume due to welding of stainless steels (pp.307-311) PDF 154 KB
Preliminary notes
O. Híreš, I. Barény –Mechanical properties of forgings depending on the changes in shape and chemical composition of inclusions (pp.313-316) PDF 261 KB
M. Buršák, J. Michel’ – Influence of the strain rate on the mechanical and technological properties of steel sheets (pp.317-320) PDF 305 KB
M. Šiško Kuliš, Z. Mrduljša, B. Klarin – Assessing the yield point of concrete steels based upon known chemical composition (pp.321-324) PDF 118 KB
I. Samardžić, D. Bajić, Š. Klarić – Influence of the activating flux on weld joint properties at arc stud welding process (pp.325-329) PDF 265 KB
S. Cvetkovski, V. Grabulov, Z. Odanovic, D. Slavkov – Optimization of welding parameters for gas transportation steel pipes (pp.331-334) PDF 208 KB
A. Yasar – Effects of alcohol-gasoline blends on exhaust and noise emissions in small scaled generators (pp.335-338) PDF 283 KB
M. Sekulić, Z. Jurković, M. Hadžistević, M. Gostimirović – The influence of mechanical properties of workpiece material on the main cutting force in face milling (pp.339-342) PDF 298 KB
Review papers
S. Dobatkin, J. Zrnik, Ilija Mamuzić – Development of SPD continuous processes for strip and rod production (pp.343-347) PDF 352 KB
D. Malindžák, M. Straka, P. Helo, J. Takala – The methodology for the logistics system simulation model design (pp.348-352) PDF 280 KB
R. Wieszała, B. Gajdzik – The Effectiveness of Environmental Management in a Metallurgical Company’s Sustainable Development (pp.353-356) PDF 100 KB
Professional paper
G. Kosec, G. Kovačič, J. Hodolič, B. Kosec – Cracking of an Aircraft Wheel Rim Made From Al-Alloy 2014-T6 (pp.357-360) PDF 299 KB