Number 2

Metalurgija 50 (2) 73 – 144 (2011)

Original scientific papers
J. Horsinka, J. Kliber, K. Drozd, I. Mamuzić – Approximation model of the stress-strain curve for deformation of aluminium alloys (pp.81-84) PDF 3 MB
S. Mróz, P. Szota, H. Dyja, A. Kawałek – Theoretical and experimental analysis of the Cu-Al bimetallic bar rolling process (pp.85-88) PDF 320 KB
B. Oleksiak, L. Blacha – Kinetics of lead removal from the Cu-Pb-Fe alloy by barbotage with inert gases (pp.89-92) PDF 137 KB
R. Dañko – Innovative developments in sand reclamation technologies (pp.93-96) PDF 196 KB
T. Frączek, C. Kolmasiak, M. Olejnik, Z. Skuza – Assessment of the effectiveness of 316L austenitic steel unconventional glow discharge nitriding (pp.97-100) PDF 520 KB
T. Muhič, L. Kosec, G. Liedl, M. Pleterski – Assessment of the effect of Nd:YAG laser pulse operating parameters on the metallurgical characteristics of different tool steels using DOE software (pp.101-105) PDF 240 KB
B. Sovilj, I. Sovilj-Nikić, D. Ješić – Measurement methodology of characteristics and election of materials of elements of tribomechanical systems (pp.107-111) PDF 359 KB
J. Jurko, M. Gajdoš, A. Panda – Study of changes under the machined surface and accompanying phenomena in the cutting zone during drilling of stainless steels with low carbon content (pp.113-117) PDF 216 KB
Preliminary notes
M. Holtzer, A. Bobrowski, B. Grabowska – Montmorillonite: A comparison of methods for its determination in foundry bentonites (pp.119-122) PDF 182 KB
J. Lis, A. Lis, C. Kolan – Investigation of boron segregation in low carbon steel (pp.123-126) PDF 256 KB
M. Petrič, J. Medved, P. Mrvar – Effect of grain refinement and modification of eutectic phase on shrinkage of AlSi9Cu3 alloy (pp.127-131) PDF 281 KB
V. Vuković, R. Radić, S. Čudić – Resurfacing monoblock of steel R7T wheel rims (MBW) for the train wagons (pp.133-136) PDF 259 KB
Professional papers
Z. Skuza, R. Prusak, R. Budzik – Contemporary elements of quality management system in the metallurgical enterprise (pp.137-140) PDF 156 KB
M. Andrejkovič, Z. Hajduová, L. Mixtaj, E. Weiss, R. Weiss – Improvement of processes in metallurgy company (pp.141-144) PDF 196 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – 10th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society “Materials and Metallurgy” SHMD ’2012 : First Circular – Call for Papers (pp.75-78) PDF 98 KB