Number 1

Metalurgija 51 (1) 1 – 144 (2012)

Ilija Mamuzić – Success raises expectation: Print of Monography also with »Bibliography of Journal Metalurgija 1962 – 2012« (pp.5-8) PDF
Original scientific papers
J. Winczek, A. Kulawik – Dilatometric and hardness analysis of C45 steel tempering with different heating-up rates (pp.9-12) PDF
M. Pleterski, T. Muhič, D. Klobčar, L. Kosec – Microstructural evolution of a cold work tool steel after pulsed laser remelting (pp.13-16) PDF
J. Tušek, L. Kosec, A. Lešnjak, T. Muhič – Electrospark deposition for die repair (pp.17-20) PDF
B. Sovilj, I. Sovilj-Nikić, D. Ješić – The effect of specifi c relationship between material and coating on tribological and protective features of the product (pp.21-24) PDF
B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec – Removal of lead from the industrial and synthetic Cu-Pb-Fe alloy with argon barbotage (pp.25-27) PDF
M. Janjić, M. Vukčević, V. Mandić, D. Pavletić, N. Šibalić – Microstructural evolution during friction stir welding of AlSi1MgMn alloy (pp.29-33) PDF
P. Kovač, L. Sidjanin, D. Rajnović, B. Savković, J. Wannasin – The microstructure infl uence on the chip formation process of Al-Cu alloy cast conventionally and in semi solid state (pp.34-38) PDF
K. Brillová, M. Ohlídal, J. Valíček, S. Hloch, D. Kozak, Ž. Ivandić – Evaluation of abrasive waterjet produced titan surfaces topography by spectral analysis techniques (pp.39-42) PDF
J. Valíček, S. Hloch, I. Samardžić, M. Kušnerová, M. Zeleňák – Influence of traverse speed on surface irregularities created by the abrasive waterjet (pp.43-46) PDF
U. Köklü – Optimization of kerf and surface roughness of Al 7 475-T7 351 alloy machined with WEDM process using the grey-based Taguchi method (pp.47-50) PDF
R. Staniek, A. Gessner, J. Zielnica, W. Ptaszyński, A. Myszkowski, O. Ciszak, A. Stoić – Stress and displacement analysis of a modern design lathe body by the finite element method (FEM) (pp.51-54) PDF
Preliminary notes
P. Bigoš, J. Kuľka, M. Mantič, J. Čurilla – Continual Measuring of Local Stress Values on Shell of the Blast Furnace Hearth and of Total Shell Expansion (pp.55-58) PDF
S. Biernat, A. W. Bydałek, P. Schlafka – Analysis of the possibility of estimation ecological slag propriety with use the database (pp.59-62) PDF
G. Fedorko, A. Pribulová, P. Futáš, D. Baricová, P. Demeter –
Compacting of fly dusts from cupola and electric arc furnace (pp.63-66)
R. Przyłucki, S. Golak, B. Oleksiak, L. Blacha – Influence of an induction furnace’s electric parameters on mass transfer velocity in the liquid phase (pp.67-70) PDF
B. Kosec, B. Karpe, I. Budak, M. Ličen, M. Đorđević, A. Nagode, G. Kosec – Efficiency and quality of inductive heating and quenching of planetary shafts (pp.71-74) PDF
V. Todić, J. Tepić, M. Milošević, D. Lukić, M. Hadžistević – Design of casting blanks in CAPP system for parts of piston-cylinder assembly of internal combustion engines (pp.75-78) PDF
J. Michel, M. Buršák, Ilija Mamuzić – Degradation of mechanical properties of CrMo creep resistant steel operating under conditions of creep (pp.79-82) PDF
S. Zlá, J. Dobrovská, B. Smetana, M. Žaludová, V. Vodárek, K. Konečná – Thermophysical and structural study of IN 792-5A nickel based superalloy (pp.83-86) PDF
B. Škorić, D. Kakaš, D. Ješić, M. Gostimirović, A. Miletić – Characterization of duplex hard coatings with additional ion implantation (pp.87-90) PDF
A. Samolejová, J. Feliks, R. Lenort, P. Besta – A hybrid decision support system for iron ore supply (pp.91-93) PDF
R. Samur, A. Demir – Wear and corrosion performances of new friction materials for automotive industry (pp.94-96) PDF
B. Oleksiak, A. Blacha – Study of silver removal from scrap jewellery by way of the flotation process (pp.97-100) PDF
B. Gajdzik, R. Wieszala, T. Wieczorek – Identification of the exploatation dust in road dust (pp.101-104) PDF
M. Gostimirović, P. Kovač, D. Ješić, B. Škorić, B. Savković – Surface layer properties of the workpiece material in high performance grinding (pp.105-108) PDF
P. Frąckowiak, W. Ptaszyński, A. Stoić – New geometry and technology of face-gear forming with circle line of teeth on CNC milling machine (pp.109-112) PDF
D. Kovačević, M. Soković, I. Budak, A. Antić, B. Kosec – Optimal finite elements method (FEM) model for the jib structure of a waterway dredger (pp.113-116) PDF
Review papers
E. Ragan, J. Dobránsky, P. Baron, T. Olejár – Materials on dies for pressure die casting (pp.117-120) PDF
B. Smetana, S. Zlá, M. Žaludová, J. Dobrovská, P. Kozelský – Application of high temperature DTA to micro-alloyed steels (pp.121-124) PDF
S. Hloch, J. Valíček, I. Samardžić, D. Kozak, M. Kušnerová – Classification of technical materials according to classes machinability for hydroabrasive cutting (pp.125-128) PDF
B. Gajdzik – The ecological value of metallurgical enterprise after privatization and restructuring (pp.129-132) PDF
R. Stefko, B. Slusarczyk, B. Kot, C. Kolmasiak – Transformation on steel products distribution in Poland and Slovakia (pp.133-136) PDF
Professional papers
D. Noskievičová, R. Kucharczyk – Effective application of statistical process control (SPC) on the lengthwise tonsure rolled plates process (pp.137-140) PDF
A. Haxhiaj, E. Haxhiaj – The optimization of the quantity of coke and agglomerate in lead production in “Water-Jacket” furnace (pp.141-144) PDF