Number 1

Metalurgija 52 (1) 1 – 144 (2013)

Original scientific papers
A. Nagode, G. Klančnik, M. Bizjak, D. Kovačević, B. Kosec, E. Dervarič, B. Zorc, L. Kosec – Structural and thermodynamic analysis of whiskers on the surface of grey cast iron (pp.11-14) PDF
P. Malatyńska, J. Głownia – Carbon content influence on the peritectic reaction path in stainless steels (pp.15-18) PDF
K. Kocúrová, M. Dománková, M. Hazlinger – The influence of carbonitriding process on microstructure and mechanical properties of micro-alloyed steel (pp.19-22) PDF
A. Kawałek, J. Rapalska-Nowakowska, H. Dyja, B. Koczurkiewicz – Physical and numerical modelling of heat treatment the precipitation-hardening complex-phase steel (CP) (pp.23-26) PDF
M. Burzić, M. Manjgo, D. Kozak, R. Prokić-Cvetković, O. Popović – The effects of dynamic load on behaviour of welded joint A-387 Gr. 11 alloyed steel (pp.27-31) PDF
S. Wiewiórowska, Z. Muskalski – Analysis the influence of drawing process parameters on the amount of retained austenite in trip steel wires (pp.32-34) PDF
H. Dyja, K. Sobczak, A. Kawałek, M. Knapiński – The analysis of the influence of varying types of shape grooves on the behavior of internal material discontinuities during rolling (pp.35-38) PDF
K. Laber, S. Mróz, P. Sygut, H. Dyja – Analysis of the temperature change over the continuous ingot length on the parameters of round bar rolling process (pp.39-42) PDF
M. Suliga, R. Kruzel – The mechanical properties of high carbon steel wires drawn in conventional and hydrodynamic dies (pp.43-46) PDF
Preliminary notes
B. Grabowska, M. Holtzer, R. Dańko, M. Górny, A. Bobrowski, E. Olejnik – New BioCo binders containing biopolymers for foundry industry (pp.47-50) PDF
A. Pribulová, P. Futaš, A. Rosová, P. Demeter, D. Baricová – Influence of foundry dust on moulding mixtures quality (pp.51-54) PDF
J. Kolczyk, J. Zych – Rheological properties of ceramic slurries with colloidal binders used in the investment casting technology (pp.55-58) PDF
J. Kamińska, J. Dańko – Granulation process of foundry dusts originated from bentonite sand processing plants (pp.59-61) PDF
D. Kwaśniewska-Królikowska, M. Holtzer – Selection criteria of lustrous carbon carriers in the aspect of properties of greensand system (pp.62-64) PDF
T. Bončina – Shapes of the icosahedral quasicrystalline phase in melt-spun ribbons (pp.65-67) PDF
J. Łabaj, M. Słowikowski, W. Żymła, J. Lipart – The research on reactivity of alternative carbon reducers (pp.68-70) PDF
K. Janiszewski – Industrial application of liquid steel filtration out of dispersed nonmetallic phase in the continuous casting machine (pp.71-74) PDF
B. Kalandyk, M. Starowicz, M. Kawalec, R. Zapała – Influence of the cooling rate on the corrosion resistance of duplex cast steel (pp.75-78) PDF
T. Frączek, M. Olejnik – A model for unconventional glow discharge nitriding of grade 2 titanium (pp.79-82) PDF
Gh. Amza, D. Dobrotă – Ultrasound effect on the mechanical properties of parts loaded by welding (pp.83-86) PDF
D. Dobrotă, Gh. Amza – Ultrasound influence on materials structure in parts reconditioned by welding with ultrasonic field (pp.87-89) PDF
Gh. Amza, D. Dobrotă – Researches concerning the ultasonic energy influence on the resistence to the abrasive wear of loaded welded parts (pp.90-92) PDF
R. Kruzel, M. Suliga – The effect of multiple bending of wire on the residual stresses of high carbon steel wires (pp.93-95) PDF
Z. Muskalski, S. Wiewiórowska, M. Pełka – The influence of drawing parameters on the properties high-manganese TWIP steel wires (pp.96-98) PDF
B. Grizelj, J. Cumin, D. Grizelj – Effect of spring-back in v-tool bending of high-strength steel sheet metal plates (pp.99-102) PDF
Z. Pater, A. Tofil, J. Tomczak – Steel balls forming by cross rolling with upsetting (pp.103-106) PDF
B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, A. Blacha-Grzechnik – Recovery of precious metals from waste materials by the method of flotation process (pp.107-110) PDF
A. Čikić, A. Pintarić, I. Samardžić – The influence of biomass quality on the purification of flue gases and multicyclone assembly material (pp.111-114) PDF
D. Letić, B. Davidović, I. Berković, B. Radulović, J. Savičić – Planning of designing and installation of mechanical elements at the gear speed reducer on the basis of the parameter technology (pp.115-118) PDF
J. Šebo, J. Buša, P. Demeč, J. Svetlík – Optimal replacement time estimation for machines and equipment based on cost function (pp.119-122) PDF
Review papers
A. Wziątek-Staśko – Diversity management – a tool to improve a metallurgic enterprise (pp.123-126) PDF
W. Sroka – Coopetition in the steel industry − analysis of coopetition relations in the value net (pp.127-130) PDF
Professional papers
B. Gajdzik – World class manufacturing in metallurgical enterprise (pp.131-134) PDF
J. Kutáč, K. Janovská, A. Samolejová, P. Besta, Š. Vilamová, I. Vozňáková – The impact of production capacity utilization on metallurgical companies financing (pp.135-137) PDF
B. Gajdzik – Diagnosis of employee engagement in metallurgical enterprise (pp.139-142) PDF
Ilija Mamuzić – Acknowledgement to Reviewers 51(2012) (pp.138-138) PDF
I. Mamuzić – Survey of 10th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) SHMD `2012 (pp.143-144) PDF
Annual Assembly of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) (pp.4-4) PDF
Ilija Mamuzić – First circular – call for papers / SHMD ’2014. – 11th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (pp.5-8) PDF
Ilija Mamuzić – Minutes of the meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal Metalurgija (pp.9-10) PDF