Number 2

Metalurgija 53 (2) 145 – 288 (2014)

Original scientific papers
M. Copur, M. N. Eruslu – Finite volume modeling of the solidification of an axial steel cast impeller (pp.149-154) PDF
T. Merder, J. Pieprzyca, M. Saternus – Analysis of residence time distribution (RTD) curves for t-type tundish equipped in flow control devices: physical modelling (pp.155-158) PDF
D. Jančar, M. Klarova, P. Tvardek, J. Vlček, P. Hašek, F. Ovčačik – Utilization of casting ladle lining enthalpy for heating gas savings in the course of ladle preheating (pp.159-162) PDF
P. Vaňova, J. Sojka – Hydrogen embrittlement of duplex steel tested using slow strain rate test (pp.163-166) PDF
O. Savytsky, M. Savytsky, D. Bajić, Y. Shkrabalyur – Influence of the impurities on the depth of penetration with carbon steel weldings (pp.167-170) PDF
B. Zorc, M. Imamović, A. Nagode, A. Stoić, B. Kosec, I. Samardžić, L. Kosec – Effect of nonmetallic inclusions on steel welds metal hot cracking (pp.171-174) PDF
P. Mohyla, Z. Kubon, R. Cep, I. Samardzic – Evaluation of creep properties of steel P92 and its welded joint (pp.175-178) PDF
D. Dobrotă – Structural modifications which appear in the area of welds of welded structures made of ST 52.3 steel (pp.179-182) PDF
J. G. He, Y. Li, X. X. Xue, H. Q. Ru, X. W. Huang, H. Yang – Removal of fluoride from fluoride-bering cerium sulfate solution by hydrous zirconium oxide (pp.183-185) PDF
L. Kunčicka, P. Štěpan, J. Kliber, I. Mamuzić – Influence of heat treatment on properties of ti-nb alloys (pp.186-188) PDF
M. Ilić, I. Budak, B. Kosec, A. Nagode, J. Hodolič – The analysis of particles emission during the process of grinding of steel EN 90MNV8 (pp.189-192) PDF
Preliminary notes
J. David, P. Švec, R. Frischer, R. Garzinova – The computer support of diagnostics of circle crystallizers (pp.193-196) PDF
Z. Janjušević, Z. Gulišija, M. Mihailović, A. Patarić – Processes at the inetrface molten metal-sand mold (pp.197-200) PDF
A. Mahmutović – Effects of high cooling rates on the improvement of continuous steel casting microstructure (pp.201-204) PDF
M. Saternus, T. Merder, J. Pieprzyca – Physical modelling of removing hydrogen from liquid aluminium conducted in URC-7000 reactor (pp.205-208) PDF
J. K. Skotnicova, J. Drapala, M. Madaj, V. M. Kirillova – The effect of crystallization conditions on tantalum distribution in molybdenum and tungsten during electron beam zone melting (pp.209-211) PDF
A. W. Orłowicz, M. Tupaj – The effect of austenitizing conditions in the ductile iron hardening process on longitudinal ultrasonic wave velocity (pp.212-214) PDF
J. Łabaj, G. Siwiec, L. Blacha, R. Burdzik – The role of a gas phase in the evaporation process of volatile components of the metal bath (pp.215-217) PDF
J. Juarez-Hernandez, R. Benavides-Trevino, O. Barceinas-Sanchez, M. Hernandez-Rodriguez, R. Almaguer – Study of process parameters on aluminium foam formation in the Al-6Si-3Mg alloy (pp.218-220) PDF
J. Pezda – Influence of heat treatment parameters on the mechanical properties of hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg alloy (pp.221-224) PDF
G. Siwiec, J. Mizera, D. Jama, A. Szmal, R. Burdzik – The effects of temperature on the kinetics of aluminium evaporation from the Ti-6Al-4V alloy (pp.225-227) PDF
J. Willner, A. Fornalczyk – Extraction of copper from solution after bioleaching of printed circuit boards (PCBs) (pp.228-230) PDF
B. Shayakhmetov, A. Issagulov, A. Baisanov, G. Karakeyeva, D. Issagulovа – Studying phase structure of burned ferrous manganese ores by method of nuclear gamma-resonance spectroscopy (pp.231-234) PDF
L. Dahil, İ. Dahil – Comparison of heat effects associated with metal cutting method on ST 37 alloy steel (pp.235-238) PDF
A. Stoić, M. Duspara, B. Kosec, M. Stoić, I. Samardžić – The influence of mixing water and abrasives on the quality of machined surface (pp.239-242) PDF
T. Vuherer, M. Zrilić, Lj. Milović, I. Samardžić, V. Gliha – Suitability of heat treatment for crack resistance of material in the connection part of heavy transporter for liquid slag (pp.243-246) PDF
A. Csikosova, M. Antošova, R. Weiss – Model of efficiency improvement in purchasing strategic raw material in a metallurgical company (pp.247-250) PDF
C. Babis, O. Chivu, D. Dobrotă – Finite element type of stress analysis for parts based on S235 JR steel welding (pp.251-253) PDF
Review papers
K. Sienkiewicz-Małyjurek – Impact of climate changes on the european industry (pp.254-256) PDF
B. Gajdzik, E. Michlowicz, B. Zwolińska, P. Kisiel – Model of truly closed circuit of waste stream flow in metallurgical enterprise (pp.257-260) PDF
M.V. Achim, S.N. Borlea – Elaborating a global diagnosis of a company in metallurgy industry (pp.261-264) PDF
K. Dohn – The configurational approach in supply chain management (SCM) of steel goods (pp.265-268) PDF
B. Gajdzik – Autonomous and professional maintenance in metallurgical enterprise as activities within total productive maintenance (pp.269-272) PDF
E. Jaba, A. Morosanu, D. Şerban, M. Gruiescu – Effective recruitment method for the marketing department of a metallurgical enterprise (pp.273-275) PDF
J. Bijańska, K. Wodarski – Risk management in the planning of development projects in the industrial enterprises (pp.276-278) PDF
S.N. Borlea, M.V. Achim – Assessing bankruptcy risk for Romanian metallurgical companies (pp.279-282) PDF
Professional papers
J. Kutač, K. Janovska, A. Samolejova, P. Besta – Innovation of costing system in metallurgical companies (pp.283-285) PDF
J. Zuzik, R. Weiss, M. Antošova Use of technical analysis indicators at trading shares of steel companies (pp.286-288) PDF