Broj 4

Metalurgija 53 (4) 433 – 736 (2014)

Izvorni znanstveni radovi:
M. Warzecha, T. Merder, P. Warzecha – Effect of the structural parameters changes in the multi-strand tundish on the non-metallic inclusions distribution and separation (str.439-442) PDF
T. Merder – Influence of design parameters of tundish and technological parameters of steel continuous casting on the hydrodynamics of the liquid steel flow (str.443-446) PDF
S. Gil, J. Góral, J. Ochman, M. Saternus, W. Bialik – An experimental study on the air delivery and gas removal method in a model of furnace for ferroalloy production (str.447-450) PDF
M. Holtzer, A. Bobrowski, R. Dańko, A. Kmita, S. Żymankowska-Kumon, M. Kubecki, M. Górny – Emission of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX) from the furan moulding sands with addition of the reclaim (str.451-454) PDF
W. Huafang, G. Wenbang, L. Jijun – Improve the humidity resistance of sodium silicate sands by ester-microwave composite hardening (str.455-458) PDF
K. Smyksy, A. Kmita, B. Hutera, D. Drożyński, B. Stypuła, M. Hajos, M. Starowicz – Cohesion and adhesion properties of modified water glass with colloidal solutions of ZnO (str.459-462) PDF
Y. H. Liu, J. C. Zuo, X. F. Ren, L. Yong – Synthesis and character of cerium oxide (CeO2) nanoparticles by the precipitation method (str.463-465) PDF
S. Bulatović, Lj. Milović, A. Sedmak, I. Samardžić – Identification of low cycle fatigue parameters of high strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel at room temperature (str.466-468) PDF
J. Ferčec, D. Jenko, B. Buchmeister, F. Rojko, B. Budič, B. Kosec, R. Rudolf – Microstructure of NiTi orthodontic wires observations using transmission electron microscopy (str.469-472) PDF
E. Spišák, J. Majerníková, J. Slota – Change of ears creation of AHSS steels after heat treatment of zinc coating (str.473-476) PDF
S. Bulatović, Z. Burzić, V. Aleksić, A. Sedmak, Lj. Milović – Impact of choice of stabilized hysteresis loop on the end result of investigation of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel on low cycle fatigue (str.477-480) PDF
M. Drobne, T. Vuherer, I. Samardžić, S. Glodež – Fatigue crack growth and fracture mechanics analysis of a working roll surface layer material (str.481-484) PDF
T. Bajor, M. Krakowiak, P. Szota – Numerical analysis of AZ61 magnesium alloy extrusion process by modified equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) method (str.485-488) PDF
A. Gryc, T. Bajor, H. Dyja, S. Sawicki, K. Laber – Physical modelling of plastic deformation conditions for the rolling proces of AZ31 bars in a three high skew rolling mill (str.489-492) PDF
M. Stańczyk, T. Figlus – The influence of the hardening coolant agent on the properties of hot rolled bars of the steel 42CrMo4 (str.493-496) PDF
G. Samołyk – Numerical investigation of producing a Ti6Al4V alloy jaw coupling sleeve-disk by orbital forging (str.497-500) PDF
H. Dyja, K. Sobczak, A. Kawałek – The influence of the shape of grooves on the behavior of internal material discontinuities in continuous S355J2G3 steel strands during rolling (str.501-504) PDF
T. Bulzak, J. Tomczak, Z. Pater – Forming a lever preform made of aluminium alloy 2014 (str.505-508) PDF
D. Klobčar, J. Tušek, M. Bizjak, V. Lešer – Micro friction stir welding of copper electrical contacts (str.509-512) PDF
N. Ratković, R. Nikolić, I. Samardžić – Structural, chemical and deformation changes in friction welded joint of dissimilar steels (str.513-516) PDF
A. Skumavc, J. Tušek, M. Mulc, D. Klobčar – Problems in laser repair welding of polished surfaces (str.517-520) PDF
K. Żak, W. Grzesik, M. Prażmowski – Investigation of sequential cryogenic hard turning and ball burnishing processes (str.521-525) PDF
P. Frankovský, F. Šimčák – Analysis of residual stresses on the transverse beam of a casting stand by means of drilling method (str.526-528) PDF
G. Krolczyk, P. Nieslony, S. Legutko, A. Stoic – Microhardness changes gradient of the duplex stainless steel (DSS) surface layer after dry turning (str.529-532) PDF
P. Hreha, A. Radvanská, J. Cárach, D. Lehocká, K. Monková, G. Krolczyk, A. Ruggiero, I. Samardzić, D. Kozak, S. Hloch – Monitoring of focusing tube wear during abrasive waterjet (AWJ) cutting of AISI 309 (str.533-536) PDF
S. Hloch, J. Hlaváček, K. Vasilko, J. Cárach, I. Samardžić, D. Kozak, I. Hlavatý, J. J. Ščučka, J. Klich, D. Klichová – Abrasive waterjet (AWJ) titanium tangential turning evaluation (str.537-540) PDF
P. Frankovský, F. Trebuňa – Application of photostress method in stress analysis of a rotating disc (str.541-544) PDF
T. Karkoszka, M. Soković – Risk based on quality, environmental and occupational safety in heat treatment processes (str.545-548) PDF
Prethodna priopćenja
P. Besta, A. Samolejová, R. Lenort, K. Janovská, J. Kutáč, A. Sikorová – Alkaline carbonates in blast furnace process (str.549-552) PDF
C. Kolmasiak, I. Nowodzińska-Budzik, R. Budzik – Management of the pig iron Si and slag CaO/SiO2 technological indicators in order to produce pig iron with a titanium content below 0,02 %Ti (str.553-555) PDF
T. K. Balgabekov, D. K. Issin, B. M. Kimanov, A. Z. Issagulov, Zh. D. Zholdubayeva, A. Z. Akashev, B. D. Issin – Studying and improving blast furnace cast iron quality (str.556-558) PDF
J. Korol, D. Burchart-Korol, A. Smoliński – Harmful admixtures assessment in sinter mixtures used in iron ore sinter plants in Poland (str.559-562) PDF
A. D. Mekhtiev, M. J. Tolymbekov, A. V. Kim, Zh. D. Zholdubaeva, D. K. Issin, A. Z. Issagulov, B. D. Issin – Silicon production using long flaming coal and improvement of its quality indicators (str.563-566) PDF
M. Dudek – The model for the calculation of the dispersed iron ore resource purchase cost in the world class manufacturing (WCM) logistics pillar context (str.567-570) PDF
K. Miłkowska-Piszczek, J. Falkus – Calculation of the boundary conditions in the continuous casting of steel process (str.571-573) PDF
L. Blacha, K. Michalek, A. Smalcerz, M. Warzecha – Effects of a bath composition on aluminium loss during Ti-Al alloy smelting in a vacuum induction furnace (str.574-576) PDF
K. Nowińska, Z. Adamczyk, E. Melaniuk-Wolny – Pyrometallurgical slags as a potential source of selected metals recovery (str.577-580) PDF
T. K. Balgabekov, S. O. Baissanov, D. K. Issin, Zh. D. Zholdubayeva, A. Z. Akashev, A. S. Baissanov, B. D. Issin – Studying properties of carbonaceous reducers and process of forming primary titanium slags (str.581-584) PDF
G. Siwiec, B. Oleksiak, T. Matuła, L. Socha, W. Stanek – Reduction of copper slag with the use of carbon granulates (str.585-587) PDF
T. Mikuszewski – Melting and casting of ingots made of an Mg – Li type alloys (str.588-590) PDF
G. Solenicki, I. Budic, I. Kladaric, D. Novoselovic – Compressive stresses of mould mixture (str.591-593) PDF
I. Budic, D. Novoselovic, I. Samardzic – Influence of process parameters on castability at full mold casting (str.594-596) PDF
A. D. Mekhtiev, A. G. Kosnikov, D. K. Issin, Zh. D. Zholdubaeva, B. D. Issin – Long – range foundry Al composite alloys (str.597-600) PDF
A. Issagulov, V. Kulikov, D. Issagulova, E. Shcherbakova, A. Kuszhanova – Developing technological process of obtaining giality casts (str.601-604) PDF
B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, A. Blacha-Grzechnik, J. Wieczorek – The obtained of concentrates containing precious metals for pyrometallurgical processing (str.605-608) PDF
A. Fornalczyk, J. Cebulski, M. Saternus, J. Willner – Possibilities of platinum recovery from metal supported spent auto catalysts (str.609-612) PDF
B. Kalandyk, R. Zapała, S. Sobula, M. Górny, L. Boroń – Characteristics of low nickel ferritic-austenitic corrosion resistant cast steel (str.613-616) PDF
J. Piątkowski, M. Jabłońska – Analysis of material reliability of AlSi17Cu5 alloy using statistical weibull distribution (str.617-620) PDF
A. Z. Issagulov, S. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, A. A. Sakbossynova – Cr – Ni system alloys composition impact on durability value (str.621-623) PDF
A. S. Tawengi, A. Sedmak, V. Grabulov – Cold weld cracking susceptibility of high strength low alloyed (HSLA) steel NIONIKRAL 70 (str.624-626) PDF
M. Dunđer, T. Vuherer, I. Samardžić –Weldability prediction of high strength steel S960QL after weld thermal cycle simulation (str.627-630) PDF
J. Tušek, A. Skumavc, K. Pompe, D. Klobčar – Refurbishment of damaged tools using the combination of GTAW and laser beam welding (str.631-633) PDF
S. M. Ban’ko, S. V. Kobel’skii, I. Samardžić – The stress–strain state of the cracked welded joint between the header and the shell of PGV-1000M steam generator (str.634-636) PDF
M. Dunđer, T. Vuherer, I. Samardžić – Impact energy analysis of quenched and tempered fine grain structural steel specimens after weld thermal cycle simulation (str.637-640) PDF
J. Bartnicki – FEM analysis of hollow hub forming in rolling extrusion process (str.641-644) PDF
A. Gontarz – Theoretical and experimental research of hammer forging process of RIM from AZ31 magnesium alloy (str.645-648) PDF
J. Tomczak – Rotary compression process for producing toothed hollow shafts (str.649-652) PDF
Z. Pater – Analysis of the helical-wedge rolling process for producing a workholding bolt (str.653-656) PDF
G. Paraschiv, D. Dobrotă – Research on deformations which appear in within the metal structures of mining equipment (str.657-660) PDF
J. Brezinová, A. Guzanová, E. Spišák – Assessment of properties thermal sprayed coatings realised using cermet blend powder (str.661-664) PDF
B. Matić, D. Matić, S. Sremac, N. Radović, P. Viđikant – A model for the pavement temperature prediction at specified depth using neural networks (str.665-667) PDF
C. Căruntu, L. M. Lăpăduşi – Reflection of the economic rate of return in the efficiency use of the fixed and current assets with study case in mettalurgy (str.668-672) PDF
T. Figlus, M. Stańczyk – Diagnosis of the wear of gears in the gearbox using the wavelet packet transform (str.673-676) PDF
I. Tepić, G. Tepić, P. Viđikant, T. Pejakov, R. Kulundžić – Reducing harmful effects of metals in water (str.677-680) PDF
D. Živanić, G. Vujić, B. Kosec, A. Stoić – Material flow enhancement in production assembly lines under application of zoned order picking systems (str.681-684) PDF
A. Z. Issagulov, V. A. Kim, S. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, A. U. Tussupova – Production of technical silicon and silicon carbide from rice-husk (str.685-688) PDF
N. Stojić, M. Pucarević, D. Mrkajić, I. Kecojević – Transformers as a potential for soil contamination (str.689-692) PDF
S. Sremac, P. Gladović, M. Đelošević, B. Matić, A. Matić – Development of polymer packaging for power cable (str.693-696) PDF
Pregledni radovi
M. Holtzer, R. Dańko, S. Żymankowska-Kumon – The state of art and foresight of world’s casting production (str.697-700) PDF
M. Butlewski, A. Misztal, M. Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek, S. Janik – Ergonomic and work safety evaluation criteria of process excellence in the foundry industry (str.701-704) PDF
J. Kliber – Some viewpoints of materials forming technology (str.705-708) PDF
R. Wolniak, B. Skotnicka-Zasadzien – The use of value stream mapping to introduction of organizational innovation in industry (str.709-712) PDF
P. Plunder, I. Vozňáková, A. Samolejová, K. Janovská – Export, import, production and use of wire in the Czech Republic (str.713-716) PDF
M. Tomičić-Torlaković – Guidelines for the rail grade selection (str.717-720) PDF
Z. Popović, L. Lazarević, Lj. Brajović, P. Gladović – Managing rail service life (str.721-724) PDF
S. Saniuk, A. Saniuk, R. Lenort, A. Samolejova – Formation and planning of virtual production networks (VPN) in metallurgical clusters (str.725-727) PDF
M. Mikušová, P. Horváthová, K. Janovská, A. Samolejová – The application of winning key metrics in a metallurgical firm (str.728-730) PDF
I. Bostan – Investment gold: exemption from tax (VAT) in the Romanian fiscal system (str.731-733) PDF
30 godina kao Glavni i odgovorni urednik – Acad. Ilija Mamuzić, D. Sc. D.h.c. Prof. h.c. (str.437-438) PDF