Broj 4

Metalurgija 45 (4) 269 – 352 (2006)

Izvorni znanstveni radovi
M. Bizjak, L. Kosec, B. Kosec, I Anžel – The Characterization of Phase Transformations in Rapidly Solidified Al-Fe and Cu-Fe Alloys through Measurements of the Electrical Resistance and DSC (str.281-286) PDF 2 MB
S. Bockus – A Study of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Continuously Cast Iron Products (str.287-290) PDF 1 MB
Prethodna priopćenja
K. Jelšovská, B. Pandula – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectral Function and Moments for Proton Pairs in Powdered Paramagnetic Substances MnSO4·H2O and NiSO4·H2O (str.291-297) PDF 1 MB
D. Kudelas, R. Rybár, G. Fischer – Concept of Accumulation System Configuration Enabling the Usage of Low-Potential Wind Energy (str.299-302) PDF 1 MB
K. Kostúr – Regulation of the Heating Furnace in Tube Rolling Mill (str.303-306) PDF 1 MB
M. Jurković, Z. Jurković, M. Mahmić – An Analysis and Modelling of Spinning Process without Wall-Thickness Reduction (str.307-312) PDF 1 MB
Pregledni radovi
S. V. Dobatkin, J. Zrník, I. Mamuzić – Nanostructures by Severe Plastic Deformation of Steels: Advantages and Problems (str.313-321) PDF 2 MB
J. Zrník, I. Mamuzić, S. V. Dobatkin – Recent Progress in High Strength Low Carbon Steels (str.323-331) PDF 3 MB
J. Dańko, M Holtzer – The State of Art and Foresight of World’s Casting Production (str.333-340) PDF 2 MB
Z. Keran, M. Skunca, M. Math – Finite Element Approach to Analysis of Axisymmetric Reverse Drawing Process (str.341-346) PDF 1 MB
P. Virdzek, K. Teplická – Progressive Methods in Design and their Application in Engineering Industry (str.347-351) PDF 831 KB
I. Mamuzić – List of Reviewers of the Articles Published in Journal Metallurgy in the Year 2006 (str.352-352) PDF 159 KB
I. Mamuzić – Survey of 7th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society SHMD 2006 “Materials and Metallurgy” (str.271-275) PDF 305 KB
I. Mamuzić – Minutes of the Meeting of the Editorial Board of Journal Metalurgija (str.277-278) PDF 190 KB
Editorial Board of the Journal Metalurgija – Rule Book of the Journal Metalurgija (str.279-280) PDF 255 KB